Customized Insurance Protection

At Sorensen Advantage, we’ve got your life covered! We specialize in offering competitive comprehensive protection programs that care for the people, home and personal possessions that are most important to you. Take a look at the many ways we can protect you:

Home Insurance

Your home is one of your greatest assets. It’s likely your biggest investment with so many incredible memories that you have had there that you want to protect. That’s why it is crucial that your home be protected properly so that if a disaster hits or small repairs are needed, you are able to bounce back and keep on moving. Call us today and schedule a full assessment of your insurance portfolio!

Auto Insurance

Face it, if you drive you know just how scary it can be out there! The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America says that on average every single driver will have a car accident every 17.9 years. Did you also realize as you’re driving to the beach the odds of a shark attack are 1 in 60,453, yet the odds of getting into a car accident along the way are 1 in 84? So, let’s work together to make sure you are properly covered to protect yourself as well as others.

Recreation, Vehicles, & Boats

Having boats, RV’s, 4-wheelers, and other recreational toys bring a lot of joy and adventure to a person’s life!  They can also  create unexpected accidents. A lot of people take the risk in thinking that “Nothing bad will happen to me,” which hopefully is the case! But, unexpected incidents can happen and many insurance policies don’t protect you as fully as you may think. Here’s where Sorensen Advantage can help! Contact us today we’ll review your current policy and explain your coverage, give you time and money saving ideas for a possible new policy, explain your coverage when traveling, and make certain that your play time is always a happy time no matter where you choose to go.

Personal Umbrella-Personal Liability Protection

In a rainstorm, you could wear a hat and keep your head dry or you could use a giant golf umbrella and keep your hat, your head, your books, your belongings dry. This is the best description of a Personal Umbrella or Personal Liability Protection policy. These policies kick in after your liability limits have run out on any personal policy to offer additional coverage above and beyond the liability limits of that personal policy.

Bond Insurance

Most people are unaware of how bonds can work for them. Typically known as surety bonds, these bonds guarantees the performance work of a contractor. The insurance company enforces that the agreed work is completed otherwise a penalty is issued to the contractor. In many cases bonds are required to bid on certain projects, especially government projects, so we work hard to help you land your bids.

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