Insurance Coverage for RVs and Boats in Heber Valley, Utah

There are several ways to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Utah. Take a hike at Arches National Park, or enjoy the spectacular views of Bryce Canyon. However you get to these amazing Utah destinations, Sorensen Insurance is here to make sure you’re covered—we specialize in insurance coverage for RVs and boats in Utah.

You Need Insurance Coverage for RVs and Boats

Recreational vehicles, boats, ATVs, and motorcycles are all required to have insurance coverage just the way an automobile must carry car insurance. Sorenson Insurance has great rates and personalized offerings for the adventure seekers of Heber Valley, Utah.

Whether you’re catching some waves in Utah Lake State Park, or enjoying nature from the comfort of an RV in Yuba, make sure you, your passengers,and your financial investment are covered with a personalizedinsurancepolicy. Take a look below at some of the great insurance coverage programs we offer for RVs and boats here in Utah.

Recreational Vehicle (RV)

There are several kinds of RVs including truck campers, motorhomes, and trailers. In the state of Utah, RVs are put into two distinct categories: those that are driven and those that are towable.

If an RV is driven rather than towed, state law requires that you carryminimum liability insurance on the RV.Depending on your policy and the cost of the RV, minimum liability may not be enough to cover all damages should you get into an accident.

RVs and motorhomes must also meet certain inspection requirements before they can be safelydriven on public roads. It’s a good idea to go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles to get an exact list of requirements for your particular RV type. This way, you can ensure the safety of your property and passengers as well as the safety of others using public roads.

Call us today for more specific details about our insurance coverage for RVs and more.


In the state of Utah, all motorboats and sailboats must be registered and display current decals to operate on state waters. Additionally, each motorboat and personal watercraft is legally required to carry owner’s or operator’s liability insurance while in operation.

There are exceptions to this insurance rule, including motorboats equipped with engines less than 50 horsepower and all airboats.  These two types of watercraft are exempt from this insurance requirement.

Just like driving a car, proof of insurance must be carried on the boat or personal watercraft at all times.

For visitors of Utah, motorboats or watercrafts registered in another state are permitted so long as they have a current and compliant insurance policy from their respective states.

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There are so many exciting ways to explore the natural beauty Utah has to offer. Sorensen Insurance offers localized assistance in Heber Valley to handle all of your insurance needs for a variety of transportation types, including RVs and boats.

Sorensen Insurance specialized in insurance coverage for RVs and boats in Utah. Call us today for more information about personalized insurances policies, and we’ll get you out on the water or on the campground in no time.