Insurance Coverage for RVs and Boats in Utah

Looking for the best insurance coverage for RVs and boats in Utah? The team at Sorensen Insurance will design the perfect package for your favorite recreational toy. Before planning your next great escape, find the right insurance coverage, as this is an essential step to avoiding any issues related to accidents, vandalism, theft, personal liability, and much more.;

At Sorensen Insurance, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients, which starts with going over every potential insurance option to devise an ideal, highly-customized plan. Check out some of the many RV and boat insurance options at your disposal.

Insuring Your Boat With Sorensen

Sorensen Insurance professionals will work with you to create an affordable boat insurance package. Here are some of the coverage types available to your family:


Boat collision coverage functions as the water version of auto collision coverage. It protects you financially in the event of a crash with another boat.


This type of insurance pays for boat damage not resulting from collisions, such as vandalism and theft.


Liability protection is there should you injure a person or damage property while operating your boat.

Medical Payments Coverage

This coverage provides you, family members, and other passengers with coverage following bodily injury on the boat.

Uninsured or Underinsured

This protection is key if your boat is struck by an uninsured or underinsured boater.

Personal Effects Coverage

This insurance protects items within your watercraft, such as clothing, equipment, and tools.

Towing and Emergency Assistance

A valuable type of coverage, this option provides for towing and other emergency assistance costs.

Total Loss Replacement

Replace your RV with the same model, class, size, and equipment following total vehicle loss due to a covered accident. Most RVs five years and older are eligible for this coverage.

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Campsite on a lake with RVs and boats

Insuring Your RV With Sorensen

Rely on the talented agents at Sorensen Insurance to craft the right RV insurance package for you. Most boat insurance options also apply to RVs. Additionally, Sorensen offers the following plans:

Vacation (Campsite) Liability

Seeing many a Utah campsite in your RV this year? Vacation (campsite) liability protects you up to your policy’s limit for liability if you’re accused of site negligence.

Mexico (International Travel) Coverage

This coverage is for RV trips that take you south of the border, down Mexico way. International travel coverage provides protection for Canada as well as Mexico.

Adjacent Structure Coverage

Does a storage shed come with your RV parking space? This coverage protects the contents of a storage shed or other unattached structure rented or owned by you.

Scheduled Value Personal Property

Keep assorted valuables in your RV, such as jewelry or electronics? Add Schedule Value Personal Property insurance to your RV insurance package.

Golf Cart Coverage

Insure the “toys” you bring with you on your RV adventures, such as small boats, mopeds, and golf carts.

Full-Timers’ Coverage

If planning on using your RV as your main Utah residence for five or more months of the year, it’s a good idea to purchase Full-Timers’ coverage. Such coverage generally includes personal liability, value property, storage shed, and golf cart. “Companion auto” insurance is another option to explore with your Sorensen insurance agent.

Let the Sorensen Insurance team help you with your insurance coverage for RVs and boats in Utah. We’ll get what you need for the price you want.