One of the most important consumer decisions you’ll make is purchasing car insurance. Premiums can vary from company to company and from state to state, so the only way to find out exactly how much you will pay is to get a personal quote from an insurance agent. Here are some of the factors that will influence your premium payment:

“Location, location, location,” is the mantra for real estate agents, and it is applicable for insurance agents, too. Where you live has a significant impact on your insurance rates. If your community is in a high-theft area, you can expect to pay a higher premium than someone who lives in a low-theft area.

Strangely, even the weather in your area can influence your rates. If your area is prone to bouts of foul weather that can damage your vehicle, you rates will be higher than those of someone who lives in a more temperate climate.

Vehicle Type: If you drive an unassuming sedan or SUV, you’re in luck. Both of these vehicles are among the cheapest to insure. On the other hand, if you own a classic car or a pricey sports car, expect to pay a higher premium as a general rule. Likewise, if you drive a low-priced car that is popular among car thieves, your rate will be higher than for a less popular car.

Your driving habits and history: Your insurance rates are influenced in part by your driving habits. In most cases, you’ll enjoy Good Driver Discounts if you have a clean driving record with no tickets or accidents. Insurance rates are based on a degree of risk, so a clean driving record represents less risk for an insurance carrier.

Your state’s insurance laws will also play a role in your premium. Drivers who live in no-fault states typically pay higher premiums than drivers who don’t live in a no-fault state.

Profile: Factors such as age, marital status, gender and even your credit rating can influence your rates. These factors can work against younger, inexperienced drivers. At the same time, discount programs such as Good Student Discounts or Good Driver Discounts can help offset higher premiums.

Purchasing car insurance is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. Insurance companies take into consideration your location, vehicle type, driving habits, and personal profile. The only way to find our your insurance premium is by getting a personalized quote from a professional insurance agent.

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