Protecting your company from liability and damages is a constant concern as a business owner, so it makes sense to consider commercial auto insurance. If your business owns cars and trucks titled under the company name, insurance is required. If you use your own vehicle to drive to and from your business and you do not have employees, your personal car insurance plan can suffice.

The Right Questions

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if company car insurance is something your business needs:

● Are my vehicles used for the delivery/pickup of goods, such as food and supplies?
● Are my vehicles used for taxi or similar services?
● Are my vehicles rented or leased?
● Are my vehicles registered to my business?
● Do employees drive my vehicles?
● Do my vehicles feature equipment, such as snow plows, catering or bath supplies?
● Do any of my vehicles feature a weight of 2,000 pounds or more?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you need commercial auto insurance.

Protecting Assets

Company car insurance is a way to protect your business and its assets. An accident or other vehicle-related incident often results in intense business scrutiny, and without the right coverage, it’s entirely possible that responsibility will fall directly on the shoulders of you, the business owner. Loss of vehicle use due to accidents also puts a serious strain on your business and can result in financial loss and damage to customer relationships. The right commercial car insurance policy provides the safety net you need to protect everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Employee Vehicle Protection

Do your employees use their vehicles during business hours? The right company car insurance policy, with added non-owned auto liability endorsement, protects your business from legal issues due to employee driving accidents. You may also want to check the liability coverage in your employees’ auto insurance policies.

Managing Your Commercial Car Insurance

It’s entirely possible to keep your company car insurance costs under control. Use the following tips to make certain your costs stay affordable:

● Inquire About Discounts: Ask your insurance agent about discounts, as there are a fair few of them to review.
● Monitor Driving Records: Keep a close eye on employee driving records, as they have a huge impact on insurance rates. Review Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) before hiring new employees, and obtain assistance through your agent if necessary.
● Watch Your Credit: Stay up-to-date on your credit, as this information is sometimes used by insurance companies to determine your rate.
● Make Certain You Always Have Coverage: Avoid letting your insurance policy lapse, as this results in you paying more for your next policy.

Don’t let bad driving ruin your business! Take business risks, but not with your car insurance policy. Protect what’s yours by talking to your insurance agent today to determine the budget-friendly policy for your business’ needs. Whatever your business size, your Sorensen agent will help you build the perfect company car insurance package.